Mini Pocket Microscope Kit 60-120x Lab Handheld Microscope Battery Powered Microscope With LED Light Kids Science Microscop Kits


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  • Is Smart Device: No
  • Features: High Definition,Handheld,PORTABLE
  • Model Number: Handheld Pocket Microscope Kit
  • Theory: Biological Microscope
  • Material: Plastic
  • Drawtube: Monocular
  • Magnification Ratio: 500X & Under
  • Brand Name: YUGESA
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,RoHS,UL
  • Product name: Pocket Microscope
  • Power supply: 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Size: 10.5×5.3CM
  • Multiplier: 60x-120x
  • Feature: 60-120X, HD, with LED light, ergonomic handle
  • Application: home, school, kindergarten, travel, etc
  • Feature 1: Pocket Microscope
  • Feature 2: Mini Microscope
  • Feature 3: Children Microscope
  • Feature 4: 60-120x Pocket Microscope
  • Feature 5: Battery Powered Mini Microscope
  • Feature 6: Handheld Mini Microscope
  • Feature 7: Portable Children Microscope
  • Feature 8: High Definition Children Microscope
  • Feature 9: Pocket Microscope for Kids
  • Feature 10: Pocket Microscope for Students
  • Feature 11: Pocket Microscope for Microbiological Observation Learning
  • Feature 13: Battery Powered
  • Feature 14: with LED Light
  • Feature 15: High Definition
  • Feature 16: Microbiological Observation
  • Feature 17: Preschool Learning
Pocket microscope fits the shape of children’s hands, making the portable microscope more comfortable to hold. Portable, easy to carry and use.

Microscope for kids can make the observation effects of onion specimens under different magnifications under a microscope. Kids microscope supports that 60X-120X multiple multiples can be switched, which meets the needs of students.

The mini microscope comes with an LED light source, gentle and does not hurt the eyes. The LED light source can be used to adjust the light source. The supplementary light source meets the exploration requires in different environments.

When observing with 20-60 times zoom wheel eyepiece, integrated adjustment, easy adjustment of focus, you can use portable microscope for kids to easily zoom in and out.

The zoom wheel can be adjusted manually to quickly obtain a clear image. Connected to a mobile phone. Take pictures of the microscopic world with your mobile phone.

Product name: Portable Optical Microscope

Material: ABS

Product multiple: 60X-120X

Power supply : 2xAA Battery(not included)

Light source: LED light

Applicable age juvenile: (7-14 years old)

Color: White,Blue,Pink


Features:  Integrated regulation

Function: Observation effects of objects under the microscope at different magnifications.

DIY Application Scenarios: Onion specimen observation
Warm Tips:Specimens need to be ordered separately

There are 4 colors in one set, red, yellow, green, blue.

These specimens are intended for biological research and are intended for use with children’s microscopes,

In red color,

you can find butterfly wing, butterfly antenna, butterfly leg, locust wing, locust antenna, locust leg, dragonfly wing, dragonfly abdomen, dragonfly leg, honeybee wing, honeybee antenna and honeybee leg.

In green color,

you will see celery leaf, corn stem, lotus root, cabbage leaf, pumpkin ovary, ginger root, onion epidermis, burdock root, carrot root, cucumber ovary, sponge gourd stem and potato starch.

In yellow color,

there are dandelion fuzz, carnation stem, tulip pollen, laver, lily pollen, camellia pollen, sunflower pollen, bamboo cane, phlox leaf, pine tree stem, veins of holy leaf and agar.

In blue color,

there exist goldfish scale, sardine scale, plankton egg, canary feather, rabbit hair, cat hair, horse hair, cow hair, sheep hair, fowl feather, duck feather and pigeon feather.

1. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
2. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!

Warm Tips 1 : Specimens need to be ordered separately

Warm Tips 2 : Mobile phone holder needs to be ordered separately



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